The Next Generation of Marine Gas Storage and Transportation

EnerSea provides cost-effective and customizable solutions utilizing the breakthrough VOTRANS™ technology.

Developing Stranded Gas Reserves

Smaller gas reservoirs which are not close to existing infrastructure are frequently not developed because their low volumes and/or distance to power plants or other gas consumers make them economically unviable. More »

Liquid Fuel Replacement

Many parts of the world do not have access to traditional natural gas supply networks. More »

Associated Gas

In many of the world’s petroleum provinces, the natural gas produced along with the crude oil (“associated gas”) has relatively little value, especially compared to the oil. More »

Extended Well Testing & Early Production Systems

EnerSea’s technology can be used for gas production and transport using EnerSea’s Gas Production Storage and Shuttle (GPSS) system. More »

Gas Storage

VOLANDS™ (Volume Optimized Land Storage) is EnerSea’s innovative, above-ground compressed natural gas land-based storage technology. More »


EnerSea’s VOTRANS™ CNG technology offers:

Greater gas storage efficiency More »

Greater gas delivery efficiency More »

Customized services

EnerSea's VOTRANS marine gas delivery service can be provided through fit-for-purpose ships or barges which are tailored to meet each project’s needs  More »

ABS approved

ABS: “EnerSea systems are ready to move directly into project construction” More »

Safe and reliable

Numerous safety features have been included in EnerSea’s design More »

EnerSea’s transport system is designed for the highest level of reliability More »

Best solution for smaller volumes of gas

Compare CNG to LNG, and EnerSea's CNG technololgy to high-pressure CNG More »

EnerSea’s CNG marine transport systems provide a range of new and cost effective solutions for connecting gas supplies with energy markets. These solutions can help commercialize and add value to gas resources having limited or no market access through conventional technologies. Similarly, CNG can provide critically needed – and clean - gas supplies to markets which are limited to using expensive liquid fuels. See how CNG utilizes simple and cost effective terminals to access supplies and markets, while also offering energy developers with powerful capital and risk management capabilities. More »